Business groups sue over new U.S. limit on tax-driven foreign buyouts

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Two business groups sued the Obama administration on Thursday over a crackdown on U.S. companies that try to reduce their U.S. taxes by rebasing abroad in a process known as inversion. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business filed a lawsuit in Texas federal court that said a regulation from the U.S. Treasury Department in April … Read More

DOJ mandates implicit bias training for prosecutors and agents

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The U.S. Department of Justice will require its employees to receive training designed to prevent implicit bias from affecting their decisions. The DOJ announced in a Monday press release that all law enforcement agents and prosecutors would begin receiving this training over the next few weeks. Implicit bias, defined as “unconscious or subtle associations that individuals make between groups of … Read More

Supreme Court grants cert for anti-trust, bankruptcy, discrimination, federal jurisdiction, and citizenship cases

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[JURIST] On Tuesday the Supreme Court of the United States granted certiorari  for eight new cases. In Lightfoot v. Cendant Mortgage Company, the Court is asked to determine whether the “sue or be sued” provision of the Federal National Mortgage Association’s (“Fannie Mae”)  federal charter confers original jurisdiction to federal courts in all cases involving Fannie Mae. It is also … Read More

First settlement reached for EEOC case alleging sexual-orientation discrimination

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One of the first EEOC lawsuits alleging sexual-orientation bias settled Tuesday. The plaintiff was a lesbian woman who worked for a Baltimore pallet company, IFCO Systems. She was fired after complaining about a supervisor who reportedly made comments about her sexual orientation and her appearance, according to a press release from the agency. The U.S. District Court of Maryland case … Read More

After a Car Accident: What You Need for an Insurance Claim

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If there’s a silver lining in the wake of your car accident, it’s that at least you had insurance. But as the saying goes, every silver lining has a touch of grey. Filing a car insurance claim can be complicated and the process can seem never-ending. It feels like your insurance company always wants more paperwork or documentation, and you … Read More

Why study the Constitution? It's old and doesn't address current concerns, Posner says

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Judge Richard Posner thinks liberal academics are going too far in praising Justice Antonin Scalia after his death. And he questions the need for judges to spend too much time—or even a second—studying the Constitution. Posner made those controversial comments in a post for Slate’s Supreme Court Breakfast Table, report the Wall Street Journal Law Blog and theWashington Times. Posner, … Read More

Uber, Lyft settle litigation involving top executives

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Rival ride services Uber and Lyft have settled high stakes litigation involving two of their top executives, court filings show, in advance of a trial that could have aired sensitive details about both companies. Lyft and its former chief operating officer Travis VanderZanden ended litigation in a California state court in which Lyft accused VanderZanden of breaking his confidentiality pledges … Read More

U.S. banks' stress tests may offer comfort in Brexit tumult

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The stress tests created for banks by U.S. regulators after the 2008 financial crisis may prove their worth this week, providing a timely message on banks’ hardiness in the midst of turbulence over last week’s vote by Britain to leave the European Union. The Federal Reserve will release the second set of results from stress tests it has conducted annually … Read More

Justices To Weigh Case Involving Escaped Patient

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The Florida Supreme Court said Friday it will take up a case stemming from the death of a woman who was killed on Interstate 75 after escaping from a psychiatric hospital. The court issued an order agreeing to consider the case, though the order indicated justices will not hear oral arguments. The lawsuit was filed by the estate of Ashley … Read More

Florida Bar Association Approves New Courtroom Software and Why

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Project management software for marketing is very beneficial since it is able to organize, plan and develop and manage the various resource estimates and resource tools that are available. Depending on how sophisticated the software really is, it is able to manage the planning, the estimation, the cost control, planning scheduling, resource allocation, decision-making, budget management, administration systems, collaboration software … Read More