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Best solutions on the market.


The attorney team of our firm finally found a software solution that work to simplify the management of all the aspect of the legal practice. With MiLAW we are able to measure the performance of the Law Disivion of our company, helping us to easy creation of the billing, tasks, organization of the documents and many more...

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Filippo Cinotti
Managing Partner, Cinotti LLP




From Aspiration
to Reality.

We realize that it is impossible to do something different without thinking outside the box. For this reason, our platform was developed with the latest technology and designed with the help of the final users to realize the most intuitive user graphical interfaces in the market.

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MiLAW offers all you need to run a law practice from intake to invoice, with powerful features to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking, reporting, and more.

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MiLAW is a solution of
Miros Consulting, Inc.

With our model of multidisciplinary consulting and outsourcing, we take a practical approach to deliver robust, scalable solutions for the law practice and generate greater business performance.

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